Current Trail Conditions

Curious how soon you guys ride after a big rain day, don’t want to go out when it’s too sloppy and do more damage.

What trails normally dry out faster than others around here?

Anything else I should know?

Just here from Ontario for a few months for work, brought my bike. Road McIntosh Friday and really enjoyed it, completely different and super fun. Was hoping to get out this weekend but I know yesterday was pretty wet.


Most parts of McIntosh Run drain very quickly, and the rest is, well, granite. Just make sure you ride through the middle of any standing water rather than around it.


Can anyone comment on the condition of the Gore trails lately? Pondering getting out for a ride there today.

I was there last week and it was a little wet but fine overall. There was one, maybe two bridges that had washed away but other than that it was all rideable.

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GORE is Good 2 go.

River run, 1 bridge is out but easy to get around.
Trails still need a leaf blow but 90 percent of derailleur catchers were removed.
Drainage work done in spots as well.
Tree down on Hurricane after you cross the woods rd.
Some trails need a grass trim. Should happen in the next week.

Only a few puddles otherwise everything has drained off well.


Volunteers were at Nine Mile today clearing downed trees. The trail is clear from the trailhead to Comeau Lake. We didn’t get to Dipper Lake or Hemlock Cathedral. If someone goes through those sections, you can message or post a trail conditions update. If someone brings a saw and/or does any clearing, let us know and we’ll record the volunteer hours. :blush:


Posted to IG earlier this evening.



Have had a report of 4 trees down on the Hemlock Cathedral loop at Nine Mile. Planning to clear these on Saturday. Any help would be much appreciated! (See other related post)

Trail crew spent the day at Gore yesterday , mowing and leaf blowing.
Everything is great and little to no mud.
River run no change from previous update except there is a tree down on double D.
Enjoy the single track!

Thanks trail team!


All trails at Nine Mile clear of windfall trees now. Hemlock Loop had some pretty wet sections on Sunday though.