Cyclesmith is moving

Just saw that Cyclesmith will be moving from their current location on Quinpool to Agricola Street in 2014. More info to come.

2559 Agricola - also known as the NSLC building

Crazy, they’ve been on Quinpool forever. Anyone remember climbing up the the stairwell to their cramped shop on the second floor at their old place on Quinpool?

Sure do, I remember the shop on Dutch Village Road in Fairview. I hung out there a fair bit.

Interesting… I wonder where on Agricola? The old liquor store building maybe? Looks like they are fixing that up now that the LC is moved inot the building next door.

I think the building owner on Quinpool wanted to redo the building and add 1 or more extra floors and drive the rent up. Currently my understanding is that they essentially have the basement for free right now and thus can afford the storage space they need. If they have to start paying for it, then their rent is going to double. Ouch. They didn’t want to move.

The nature of the beast is, that there isn’t a ton of money to be made and margins are tight. Aerobics First on Quinpool survives because they own the building. Other shops seem to come and go often. I would hate to see Quinpool turn into a bunch of apartments and office space. That would really suck.

Ouch! They couldn’t have picked a worse location for Nauss Bike Shop. I wonder how much that will hurt them.

I thought about that too. I don’t think they really compete for the same market group, but having two shops in the same block is a bit close for comfort.

It might actually end up helping Nauss. People pop into Cyclesmith all the time and get turned off by how much repair work on their 20 year old beater will be. Nauss can really clean up there.

Not sure about if this had anything to do with it… But the Halifax cross-town connector was all but certain going to be built on Agricola, therefore running right in front of the old NSLC (the new Cyclesmith). It made sense to put a shop there. If you see below, that route was changed and Agricola is no longer getting the route. Don’t imagine the Cyclesmith guys are too happy about that. … lane/17578

Dunno about that, the bike lane was decided in June (and it seemed like the city was leaning that way, way before june) so I don’t know if that would be a factor or not. Though I bet they would certainly appreciate a bike lane rolling by.

The move is completely about the fact that there will be no building standing in the place Cyclesmith is currently at for a long time. They are ripping it down and building condos.