Cycling PEI Fat Biking news

As quoted from Cycling PEI

Great news for the fat biking world and winter riding in general. Cycling PEI has just ordered a Snow Dog mechanical groom machine, a Sno-Blaster plow attachment, and a Wildcat grooming machine with Roller and Drag, Manual Jack, Adjustable Hitch, Cutting Bar and weights. First 2 units will arrive next week and the last one the week after. This is a joint project with Parks and Tourism to groom fat bike trails for the end of this season if weather permits and next year and into the future. Thanks to Chris LeClair for leading the charge as well as Albert Flavell, Parks, Tourism, and TIE.


If I’m not mistaken I thought I saw somewhere recently that Hub Cycle in Truro had also just picked up a grooming machine for fat bike trails in Victoria Park.


About time! Even tourist like me are getting into it. :laughing:

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Yes they did. I’m not sure if they got it yet but it was definitely on its way.

I’ve heard Keppoch is getting one too. Must have been a big end of season sale on them.


I’ve heard it said that singletrack was groomed in Victoria Park recently.

That is great news!