Dammit Road Racing you used to be so cool

They also used to snort coke and huff strychnine to make it through… A bit of local history, Ron from Ron’s Bike shop that used to be on Main St in Dartmouth rode for the Italian TDF team back a million years ago, he was the “water boy” and used to race ahead to make sure the wine was uncorked and the smokes were lit for the team.


Yeah the amphetamines with espresso chaser didn’t make the director cut I guess

Google Tom Simpson’s quote “put me back on my bike”…

Rocky Mountain used to have a tshirt with his quote. Thought it was cool until I found out he was hopped up on amphetamines and who knows what…

Yeah, I exchanged mapbooks in lieu of cash for a few pretty cool posters off the wall. One of bugno and another of merkx. Still have them.

That wasn’t actually his quote, rather a title invented for his book, taken from his last words of “on, on, on” which was about all he could struggle to say while dying.
Hard core, man.

I enjoyed reading this book-this guys half-assed attempt to recreate one of the original giro routes in period correct gear. Lots of historical info sprinkled in. Quite funny.

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I didn’t even realize there was road racing till abc did week by week recaps on wild world of sports when Greg lemond was competing.
Watching him destroy on the time trail in Paris was insane

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Had to look up that classic wide world of sports intro…


The Superbikers was so awesome! I’d love to watch those races again. A project for tomorrow if I remember when I wake up.

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I remember back late 80’s collecting cycling caps from McDonald’s. Loved those.

And I remember seeing the IMAX Wired to Win about 15 years ago. It focused on lead out man Mark Cavendish.

I dunno guys, nothing is more exciting than watching Chris Froome stare at his power meter for most a tour stage.

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