Date Selection Information for 2010 BNS Organizers

Date Selection Information for 2010 BNS Organizers
Dear organizers:

I hope the winter has been treating everyone well, and that you’re all looking forward to a great season in 2010!

For this season, in the interests of efficiency, fairness and a well designed calendar, BNS is changing the method by which dates are allotted to each organizer. I’ve laid out the new method by which the calendar will be put together below. It all comes into effect on January 25th, so everyone has some time to read this email and think about their plans.

Of course, not every conceivable issue that could arise is dealt with by what I’ve put together, but I think that with a spirit of cooperation and the openness of the method below, things will run relatively smoothly.

The sanction form (available on BNS website) has not yet been revised for 2010, but will be shortly.

I’ve put together a list of the dates to which organizers of 2009 events are entitled to claim within the 20 day period.

Let me know if you have any questions, and happy trails and trainers!

Jamie Lamb
2010 BNS Events Coordinator
132 Lexington Ave.
Dartmouth, NS
B2X 3T6

jme.lamb at gmail dot com

Date Selection Information for 2010 Organizers

  1. Organizers who held a particular date (weekend) last season will have
    the sole right to reclaim the date for 20 days, after which the first organizer’s
    sanction fee I receive will get the date.
    a) A date is claimed, whether inside or outside the 20 day period, upon
    my receipt of the sanction fee. Events will not be published without receipt of
    the sanction fee, or deposit(s) where applicable. Please make all cheques payable to
    Bicycle Nova Scotia.

  2. Scheduling conflicts between road and cross-country mountain bike events of
    the same date are strongly discouraged, and require the agreement of both organizers.

  3. Due to a limited number of commissaires, scheduling conflicts between XC and DH events are
    not permitted.

  4. Organizers organizing multiple events are considered to have claimed
    all available dates requested upon receipt of the full sanction fee for
    the first event, and a $25 deposit for each of the following

      a)  The remaining balance on an event listed under $25 deposit ($125) is to be submitted to
             the Events Coordinator no later than 60 days prior to the event.
  5. The Provincial Championships must be scheduled before the National Championships.

  6. Events can be added to the online calendar at any point after publication, upon receipt of the sanction fee.

  7. Please contact the Events Coordinator before submission of the fee and form (available on BNS website)
    to minimize scheduling conflicts.

  8. A change in date after publication is subject to a $50 fee, or forfeit of deposit or sanction fee in the case of cancellation.

-Period of first claim by last year’s organizers begins January 25th, lasting 20 days until February 14th.

-March 15th: dates finalized for publication, work on calendar, printing, etc begins.

-March 20th: Published on site, sent to shops, etc.

List of 2010 dates reserved for 2009 organizers for the 20 day period:

May 8-9: Tour of the Orchards RR - Al Mumford
May 30: Halifax Crit RR - Gerard Walsh
June 6: Sea Level Lobster Crawl RR - Jimmy Atwood
June 6: Wentworth DH - Conor Scallion
June 13: Upper Clements Wild Ride XC - Chad Smith
*June 20: Riverport RR - Al Heubach
*June 20: Summer Solstice XC - Barry Bennet
June 27: Keppoch DH - Jeff Teasdale
July 4: Conquer the Pass XC - Bruce Roberts
July 10-11: Middleton DH - Ryan Lindh
July 11: Cape Breton Classic RR - Ambrose Delaney
July 18: Fitzpatrick XC - Clint Snell
July 25: Gore XC - Tom Kavanagh
Aug 1: Breakaway Cycling RR - Al Mumford
Aug 7-8: Gorefest XC - Andrew Lowery
Aug 15: ITT Provincials RR - Al Mumford
Aug 21-22: Middleton DH - Ryan Lindh
Sept 5: Spokebender Classic XC - Conor Scallion
Sept 19: Keppoch DH - Jeff Teasdale

The National Road Championships are June 25-27 for U23 and Senior, and July 1-4 for Junior.
Mountain Bike Nationals have not yet been scheduled, but if scheduling carries over from last year they’ll be July 10-11for XC, and July 17-18 for DH.

*These events conflict. In this case, should both organizers claim the date within the 20 day period, they both have equally valid claims to the date. It’s unfortunate to have such great events conflict and result in compromised attendance at each. However, in this case I don’t want to ultimately make a draconian decision and say, for example, that we’ll flip a coin. As it may be in the best interest of both organizers to avoid the scheduling conflict, they can discuss with each other whether it can be avoided.