Deal Extreme Cree lights

The days are getting shorter and lights are becoming necessary on the longer evening rides. Although I have my reliable Serfas light I like to keep a couple of spares for guests or the the expected mishaps such as forgetfulness, uncharged batteries, or you just wipe out. Especially, with the weekly rides I like to ensure that folks have the opportunity to ride regardless of season, or amount of light.

To that end, I ordered a Cree light from Deal Extreme. It was cheap and I certainly don’t expect the claimed run time or output compared to a more expensive light from a local shop. However, for a back up light or one to loan out, it will work just fine. I’m about 2-3 weeks out from getting it, but am definitely looking forward to checking it out and will certainly post a review and comparison to other lights.

Yeah, the one downside when I ordered my knockoff of a knockoff light was the order time. It took 6 weeks to arrive but it was $35 and it works awesome.