Dear moto guys

F*ck off! Stay off the MTB trails.

Went in to to some trail work and found this mess and more on Line 24 today. They must have rode there on Wednesday Jan 4 in the soaking wet because I was there on Tuesday.

Keeps getting worse and worse.

The exact day a bunch of us said we should all stay off the trials with out MTB’s let alone dirt bikes. Makes me sad.

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Do we know who these guys are? Does one of them have the initials A.S.?

If so, surely we can talk some sense into him/them

I’m tired of beating around the bush, you mean Adam Shore? Please have a chat, that would be great. There’s a bunch of them posting their moto trips on Strava it’s not hard to find names.

Adam @nimzie is on this forum. I’m sure he knows what’s up.

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Lots of hard work down the proverbial pooper.

Guys, I do ride moto. I ride MTB as well, and I’ve been an avid trail builder for almost 20 years here locally. Regardless of what I am riding - I am not riding MTB trails in the wet. I also hike almost every day after I’ve been in MTB trails and have been fixing tracks from my group. While I understand this is upsetting, please realize that there are a LOT of locals that have dirt bikes. I’m not in MTB trails wrecking them. I have shared many times within moto groups I have friends in that this is an issue and if people are going to use a trail and scratch / rut a smooth MTB trail, they need to fix it - and if they can’t control their bikes they should stay clear of these areas.
I sincerely apologize for upset and as someone who was actually an original founder of this community I do not wish for people to perceive me as some kind of trail villain. I’m still the same nimzie.
Hoping any controversy can be solved via dialog or I’ll be bowing out of this conversation politely.


Also - what is line 24. Where is this particular trail?

Thanks for posting @Nimzie. You are always welcome here.

The damage on the trails has been frustrating to say the least. I think it is better to get this out in the open, so word may reach those who may not be aware how pissed people in the MTB community are getting over this. And so people who know better and are more careful like yourself do not get painted with a bad brush.

Line 24 is over near Shubie. It’s a new section that has been somewhat kept a secret. As if there is such a thing.