Deore Brake Stoping Power


So my brakes have pretty fresh pads, and were recently bled, but it feels like I am lacking stoping power compared to what it seems other bikes ive ridden.

Any advice on to how to get them really dialed?


What type of pads? Resin ones are quieter but don’t offer as much bite at metal pads


I run organic front semi metalic in the rear. Someone thought I may have a contaminated front but it bites just not how i expect it to. Any luck burning pads or just toss em?


The lack of bite may be due to the type of pad material, not neccessarily because it’s contaminated. If I was going to mix pad compounds, I’d have the grabier metallic ones on the front as they do most of the work.

I’ve tried scuffing up and re-bedding suspected contaminated pads, but in the end I just tossed them and put new ones on. I’ve also had pads like to glaze over, kept scuffing the pads and re-bedding them, only to have them glaze over again. I ended up replacing pads and rotors and they’ve been great ever since.


I think I will swap em over and give them a full bleed. See if that improves anything. I can’t really remember why I set my brakes up like this, but there was some idea in my head!


I have used the burning method many times to rid resin pads of contamination from cleaners or dirt or whatever. Heat them up slowly with a blow torch until they catch on fire and let them burn off. After they cool, sand them gently. I also clean the rotor braking surface with brake cleaner.