DH Unexpected Turn


oh SH*T!
Trail could probably use some better signage.

Where was this?

Not sure, got it off the intertubes.

Chatel, France

Suprise. They surrendered to gravity!

The blind leading the blind.

Maybe I am older and wiser, but I don’t usually ride balls out on a trail I don’t know or don’t have an experienced local guide on.
These guys could use the same rule.

True, but still poo signage/trail layout. Why is it so good for doing what they did, if you shouldn’t do it? If that open window they flew through was closed up a bit, you’d have a visual “whoa!”, rather than an un-noticed little sign. Maybe put an arrow right on it as well? Either way, yeah, you want to check it out first, but I can see how some people want to blitz something they have limited time to explore.

We are also assuming they didn’t know about the turn… I am an intertubes cynic.

IMHO, i’m placing zero blame on the builders… spy before you fly. The riders were arrogant.

Maybe the riders were trying to clear the trees and land in the opening…no, not plausible. Well, I tried.

Not sure if I 'd use arrogant. From my previous life and all of it’s comical experience, I would suggest High.

Yeah, I was a bit liberal with “arrogant” there. High is a good guess. Or just making too many high speed assumptions.