There is DH around, but nothing really in Halifax, mostly because we’re missing the “hill” bit in DH…

The DH that is here, is clasic east coast, ie it will eat youup and spit you out, and you’ll love it.

There are less known trails around that while not being true “dh” are built for the down, rather than the up.

Then there is the VAlley, where there are some great trails, you gota earn your runs though either hike or ride up.

Wentworth runs a few times a year, and is well worth it. Its an all or nothing hill though.

We have done the 6hr drive to sugarloaf NB for 15 days of riding this year and its pretty sweet, they did what they could with the hill they have.

Basically here the majority are “xc”, but there is a pretty small group of people who are chilled and live for the down… :smiley:

I’m moving to Halifax in September and I just really got into DH this year… wanna keep at it though! It seems like most communities are XC… where are the good spots for DH??? Is there anywhere that has chairlift access? (maybe I got spoiled haha)



There’s a small DH trail in Bedford, and a couple more in the Annapolis Valley. The ski hill at Wentworth has DH (occasionally with lift access but normally with shuttles) and there’s also DH in Antigonish. Seems a lot of people have been travelling to NB for DH as well. Most of the DH is at LEAST and hour’s drive from the city.

I’d suggest you learn to embrace your inner XCer and take advantage of the DH when it makes itself available. You’ll find that as mountain bikers we’re a pretty welcoming community so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a good time on a bike.

Or get an enduro/all mountain bike for places like fight/whopper.

Do you know much about the trail in Bedford?

And you’re right I’ll definitely be picking up the XC a little I’m sure, just don’t wanna give up on the downhill! haha

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I did a little work on the Doggie DH as it’s called (also referred to as The Range) back in the beginning but I haven’t been up there since (I don’t have much interest in gravity - I prefer to suffer). There are tons of people on here who ride it regularly, though, and I think there’s a map on our Trails page.

kelby, sean and myself have been doing a little work in there on the lower section at the begining of the season. from the road in, to the gully… some fun stuff there… mostly unchanged though… much of the other trails have grown in a little…

the hogs back has had some work done last year and a little this year… not sure who did that but there is some nice burms there now…

definitly worth checking out great place to go for a quick ride after work.

There’s a DH run in the works in Enfield (about 20 minutes from the city, just past the airport). We have a few people from the area that are attempting to get it completely rideable for the fall. Will be about 3 km of mostly downhill… shoot a PM if you’re interested in coming out to give a hand to get it ready.