Did you get a great deal or some really awesome service at y

Sheldon at Sportwheels is my go to guy for headset work. I hate doing headsets. And he must hate my bikes by now, ha ha!
Hey thanks for the props Ian. I dont mind ripping your bike apart at all, :wink: anytime. its always a pleasure to work on the steed of an athlete like your self

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Sportswheels. Everyone working there is a very educated and very good at what they do… you unfortunately may have got someone who is not so well versed in whatever it was that you needed assistance with. We got guys that are educated in O’l school bikes, some in newer stuff, skate professionals, Stroller repair, others are extremely educated in hockey positions, forward, defense, goal. scooters, skateboards, on and on… I feel confident that if anyone has any questions about anything … we got someone on staff that can properly help you. :wink:

Well, I feel like I need to add my two cogs worth to this thread.

After I attended the free women’s clinic, I discovered a potential new hobby that got me back into the woods. I also discovered I had a REALLY CRAPPY bike. After some guidance by my new friend Sue, I was ready to buy a new one (considered 2nd hand at first). She sent me some links for bikes she thought may be appropriate and we were planning a trip into the city. I just happened to call Valley Stove and Cycle to see what they had for smaller frames and TA DA they had one of the bikes Sue had suggested I look at.

They offered to put it together for me so I could test it and on a sunny afternoon, I took a little jaunt on the dykes behind Wolfville and I WAS IN LOVE. Then, when I brought it back, Colin patiently answered all of my questions about the pros and cons of other bikes blah blah blah. Hello-he didn’t treat me like I was a bother and just another weekend warrior he could sell something to and was really quite nice ato boot. This was the clincher. See, I’m big on good service and putting my dollars back into my local area and I need to have both of these satisfied before I make a big purchase. And I love being able to establish a relationship with a business.

So here is a pat on the back (he’s married so it isn’t appropriate for me to pat him on the bum) to Colin at Valley Stove and Cycle (and the guy who OK’d that they match the price my Myka was on for at another establishment)!

Colin and the boys at Valley Stove and Cycle are good people.

Colin def is a great fella, and great to party with too!!

So… don’t keep us in suspense MudPuppy… what did you get?

There are lots of great shops out there. One more that Bib didn’t mention…

The guys at Nauss bikes on Agricola St. in Halifax have given me really good service over the years. One of the best mods they did for me was to put a triple chainring on my road bike, to give me some lower gears for hill climbing.

I got a shiny, candy apple red Specialized Myka :slight_smile:

lately I had a spoke replaced by sportwheels that aftenoon so I could ride the same night

also had a fork rebuilt locally at CS dropped off wednesdaay ready by friday

The fellas at Nauss gave me cable and housing ends for free!

got a headset from bikes by dave, and i didn’t have to pay more than what the sticker said on the headset box. oh and i didn’t have to pay to get it installed neither, well i helped out.

Yeah, Colin, at Valley Stove and Cycle, is a great guy. He sold me my Superlight (which I might be interested in selling - spring/new bike fever has struck) and when it was time to get my wife a decent bike he took care of us - she took a long ride around town and now I can’t get her off the thing!! It has been a long time since I have had some not-so-great service from any of the shops, they are all out to keep us riding and coming back. The last incident that I would have experienced was over the phone with a guy at Sportwheels, years ago, just a bit of a BS session, nothing major and it was only the one person.

Sheldon at Sportwheels is my go to guy for headset work. I hate doing headsets. And he must hate my bikes by now, ha ha!