Different Beers

Just bought some different beers from Premium wine and Spirits.

Thirsty Beaver, Sugar Moon Maple by Garrison, and Brainblasta. Should be a good tasting session!

If anyone can get me some Phillips slipstream from BC, I’ll pay for it!

my brother works down there.
the sugar moon one is great.
next time try some of the rogue beers, they are awesome.

So far I’ve had the Thirsty Beaver and Brainblasta.

Thirsty Beaver was good. No aftertaste, light, but did not have a real unique taste either. It would be great on a hot day on the beach or a patio downtown.

Brainblasta was definitely hoppier, but had more taste overall. Can’t put my finger on exactly what the flavour was, but it was tasty. Not being a huge fan of hoppy beers, I couldn’t drink a whole bunch of them at one sitting.

I’m saving the Sugar Moon for last.

Just had two offerings from Boxing Rock from Shelburne, NS, (buy local NS), Tempation Red Ale, and Hunky Dory Pale Ale, welcome additions both hoppy with a nice finish. Can even buy the pale ale in NSLC . Now if only someone would actually do a good consistent stout year round.

If we ever organize a Fitzpatrick ride, Uncle Leos is a new micro-brewery nearby. Their red is not bad either.

I tried the temptation red ale and must say it was very tasty.

Has anyone tried the big spruce micro brewery beers from Baddeck?

I had their Kitchen Party Pale Ale on tap at Maxwell’s Plum. I’d certainly buy it again. Actually, I did.

Yeah, I had the temptation red ale as well… very nice.

I picked up a couple of Boxing Rock’s Vicar’s Cross Double IPA (now available at NSLC stores) on Friday and it’s quite good. I haven’t come across their other two yet, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them.

I’ve heard that the boxing rock is good.

Bad Apple Brewery and Schoolhouse down the valley has been on my fav list lately. As well as, Boneshaker.

Meander River Brewery Lunchbox Ale and Chipotle Porter are the go to beers aside from my own homebrews. Schoolhouse is tasty but is too hard to get for me, I live outside their growler delivery area and rarely go to bars.

Growler delivery service, I forgot about that. Awesome concept!

It is petty slick, Schoolhouse can’t sell direct from the brewery due to zoning issues.

For anyone doing road rides up near the Meander Brewery I created a Strava segment, and I have to mention that their 1L growlers fit perfectly in a jersey back pocket!

That’s awesome @bent6543. I guess the segment leaderboard is an indication of who likes their beer the most? @Adam is a big fan, apparently.

Ha, you’d think but @adam doesn’t drink. He’s just faster than me on the road! Plus my road bike is singlespeed so I can only pedal so fast :smile:

Maybe not drinking helps me on the road… :slight_smile: but my lack of speed in the woods more than makes up for it… :frowning:

beer and bikes just seem to work together so well. all my riding buddies love beer. i love beer; nothing better than a cold one after slaying some singletrack. i remember all the magazines back when i first started riding had beer reviews; lots of articles about portland, and ashland, and durango, and boulder and all the cool little breweries that they’d visit during and after these epic rides they were on. it seemed like paradise. especially since i was 15 and had no concept of what a good beer tasted like, and i had never been outside eastern canada/new england.

anyway, here in vancouver there has been quite the brewing industry explosion in the last year and a half. seems like new breweries are popping up every month… almost as frequently as new bike lanes. coincidence?

there are lots of beers to choose from here on the west coast. unfortunately, i don’t think many are available back east. the thirsty beaver sounds like it might be a kelowna beer, though. tree brewing, they do good work. for the longest time they were the only brewery in the province that had a decent ipa, hophead. it’s still pretty good, but there are much better on the market now. tree are good for putting decent beer in tall cans. perfect for hauling around and drinking in the forest. try the cutthroat, if they have it out there. a solid, though not quite hoppy enough, pale ale that’s delicious trailside.

there’s a great brewery in moncton called pumphouse, probably most famous for their blueberry ale, but they make a killer bitter that almost reminds me of a northwest style ipa. it’s called s.o.b. or special old bitter. haven’t had it in a few years, but it was revelatory when i spent my first summer back in fredericton, many years ago when i was back there for work. that stuff got me through. picaroons is good, don’t get me wrong, but the s.o.b. had that citrusy hop character that i crave.

back here in vancouver, here, i really like a small brewery called brassneck. probably the best in the city, and definitely the most consistent. their “dry hopped pale ale” tastes more like an ipa, they call it passive aggressive. their ipa, when it’s available, is called one trick pony, and it’s made with only one hop variety and one malt. it’s a big bold beer, and when they make it with mosaic hops, it’s the best thing ever. they only sell growlers, though, and have no plans for bottling, unfortunately.

and that’s just one of about 20 breweries in town. it’s an embarrassment of riches. i’m getting fatter just thinking of all the beer i haven’t tried yet… then there’s all the stuff coming from the island.

i could go on forever, i should change my handle to “beergeek.”