Disk brakes in road racing

There’s been a bit of talk about the use of disk brakes on road bikes in racing. Well, here is the first injury that is being blamed on having a disk brake on a road bike in competition.

The full story is certainly not being told yet i.e. what caused the crash, was it indeed a disk rotor that cut him etc.

What do you think? As mountain bikers we haven’t seen any major injuries reported at the pro level or otherwise due to disk brakes, but we don’t ride in close packs. I’m not sure the rotor sticks out far enough, especially on road bikes with 140mm rotors usually to cause be an issue.

road bike disk brake

Disc brakes have saved me from many more cuts, bruises and possible broken bones than I care to count. I wouldn’t buy a bike without them.

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I think that if braking performance improves with discs that could have a net positive effect for safety. I struggle to see discs being a big cause of injury in the grand scheme of things. It seems to me that motos, cars, road furniture and other objects are likely to cause more trauma than discs and if having discs saved me from crashing into a stone wall on a wet descent that would seem to be worth it. I think at present there is too little data from road cycling but discs are here to stay in MTB and motor racing so I think that they will be the norm in road cycling as well. No one would attempt to race motogp without disc brakes.

Pro roadies, the soccer players of the cycling world. :wink: :imp:

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