Doing Trailwork? Let us know

If you’re planning on doing any trail work feel free to post up the location and time. More hands means easier work!

We would love to hear about your trail plans whether it be some maintenance or building a new trail. Pics are good too!

The long bridge in the centre of Suzie Q had been washed apart. I did what I could to make it rideable but it could use more work. Any plans for the bridge at Farside? I know there is some freshly cut trees in the area, could they be used?

Farside help would be awesome. I have’t been in yet but definitely plan to finish the bridge across the swamp.

I have two 4 ’ sections to haul in but was thinking rock work with a wheel barrow might work better.

I like the chain saw idea, though.

Those loggers knocked down some nice wood that’s still just sitting on the ground. It may come in handy building that bridge. I’ve been walking the dog in the area and have had a couple of afternoons to spare so I’ve lugged the saw along for one. One tank of gas to get as much done as I could. Fortunately not many trees to cut. I did get the one at the rock garden and a couple on death march I don’t remember anything being down on Farside when I last snowshoed through.


Thats awesome @wayners!

I don’t like lifting my bike over stuff. To Lazy for that. And it never fails to end up a tug o war between the tree and I. Funny, it wasn’t until I went snowshoeing at Da Minion this winter that I noticed it made that hard left and ran down the left side of that access road. I had been crossing it and taking the trail down the right side. A fun option but the one going down the left looks like a blast! Can’t wait to give it a go.

That’s the part we added… it crosses the power co. access road too. Not as fun but avoids the big puddles on the road.

Going down it IS a blast.

We were thinking of crossing the fire road and working our way up to Farside start. (or at least by the dear stand).

Me and a few guy’s plan on doing some trail work to evil birch all year long, for all skills level, so please be aware of loose dirt or bridges under construction before you come ripping through, (If bridges or dirt paths are not completed please respect the structures and DO NOT ride them until visually completed and safe looking. We intend to always leave an alternate route open if one portion of the trail in under construction so that everyone can still ride.
Thanks in advance.

P.s. If anyone wants to help groom the trail with us, feel free to PM me.


The fight trail fb group has some talk of work on a bridge at Fight Trail:

50ft bridge… good stuff guys. Help if you can!

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