Dream bike ideas for my next MTB.. someday

I remember those sorta rides, riding the brakes to try break/melt it off. Water + cold metal = ice!

Alright. I might as well start saving up for the next bike. It’s going to be a trail rig, rigid, chromo, relaxed feeling, simple and probably Sram powered, depending on what is still working on my Devinci at that time. I was thinking of swapping all my stuff over, but I am thinking a fresh build might be in order. Take advantage of “newer” technologies, like press-fit BB’s, 9 speed, (GACK!), while at the same time keeping it simple. BB7 brakes, Paul’s Thumbies, tubes, 26" wheels, etc. The more I look at Surly’s weird dropouts, the more they are out. I do want a full chromo frame set. Really loud paint would also be swell. Might even do that myself. Flouro fade job with splatter. Anywho, what’s out there for bikes that you know of that fit the bill. I might swap the frame for my current ride, if it’s the right one, so if it’s 73mm BB, although I can make 68mm work, 135mm back end with10mm axle, 9mm QR in the front and a 27.2mm seatpost. We’ll see. Any ideas???

retrotec…not cheap but cool design and tons of colours to choose from.

Do they make a traditional diamond frame though? Or just cantilevered old school stuff?

anything at all. disk brakes, road bikes, tandems, 9 sp/ss. There is part of the company that makes steel double diamond frames. Inglis bikes I believe. Or try esprezzo (spelling). They are a Canadian company out of Quebec I believe.

I saw the Inglis bikes yesterday. Very nice. And the price to go along with it. http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/59930208822fe755f651a67ef4b70530.gif

I was hoping a more off-the-shelf ride might be out there. None of the big guys are selling anything like it it seems. Although I sent a link to the Trek Sawer on your Facebook… Might be a nice alternative to the Retrotec you keep lusting after. LOL. Pretty sweet ride, though.

I may just keep the ol’ eyes peeled for something online/used for the winter. We’ll see. I love my old Devinci, but man. That frame HAS to be getting tired. And 8 speed is going the way of the Dodo quite quickly.

If a totally new build, I’d probably just go SLX/XT with thumbies, BB7’s and sadly, 10 speed. If it holds up well. People seem to like it. Buggars.

Not sure what wheels yet. Mine are still mint at this point. I’d like to be able to run bigger rubber, but just a 2.6 on the front has been treating me quite well thus far. 2.25 on the rear seems like a good comprimise.

I really love how the Devinci rides, and would like something similar feeling. Aggressive XC. Which is really laid back XC, or XC on aggressive trails.

There were a few companies selling 26" steel bikes but seem to have converted to the 29" format (or dirt jumping) for steel (haro, KHS, Jamis, brodie, Rocky Mountain) it seems. Most are going to be custom companies like inglis, dekerf,etc

There is Cycles Xprezo out of bromont. Last I checked the price was reasonable.

Xprezo.ca T-4 model

Matt Hadley from Fredericton rides an Xprezo…didn’t know that.

E-mail sent.

So, the Xprezo T-4 in purple, 100mm Surly Instigator chromo fork, my crappy components until it wears out and replace with 10 speed and thumbies at that point. Done.

Or Surly 1X1 fork…

Kona does a steel hardtail called the Steely. They also do a 29’er called the Honzo. They do have front suspension though, and they’re not cheap. Steely lists for $1399 on Kona’s site.

Kona also does a chromoly rigid single speed - the Unit.

HMMmmmm… not looking to go SS at this point. I wonder if the Steely is full chromo or not? I was just looking at the Brodie Transcanada, but no frame only option. Poop.

The steely is full cromo, I mean, what else would it be? 1/2 and 1/2?
I think its like 7lbs of solid steel. Looks badasss.

no frame option for the steely either. have to part it out on pinkbike

I’ve had bikes that only had some chromo tubes, and the rest was hi-ten. Not a huge fan of that. I wonder how hard it would be to sell the fork, brakes and other junk on PB? Never did that sorta thing yet.

Yeah, it’s funny - to go rigid, you’ve got to go SS. To get gears, you’ve gotta get a suspension fork as well. You want in the middle.

I imagine it wouldn’t be any trouble to sell the fork. I think a lot of people would like to upgrade or replace their fork, and the RS Tora U-turn is probably not bad. Same for the brakes.

Big tires on the Steely - 2.4 out front, and 2.25 on the rear. Might be a hefty bike.

Well, as of now I’m riding a 35lb rigid beast. 2.25 rear and 2.6 front. Crap man, it is hard to find something I like. I smell another Frankenbike coming on. I’ve thought of building a mullet- disc on the front, rim brake on the back. That will also help with my periodical trials fix. Just need to find an old chromo frame for either threaded or threadless 1 1/8" headset. I figure anything too twitchy will be calmed down by my current 80mm suspension-corrected fork. Not sure how that will make the BB height feel, but whatever. Rhyno-lite on the back, some decent brake and possibly a booster. And man, how I’d love to track down a set of decent 8 speed thumbies! If you got them and a decent rear derailleur, I’d trade my Sram X5 shifters and X9 rear derailleur for them. Srsly. Put them on a flat bar, which might keep the front end close to original height. And that way, I get to paint whatever early-nineties inspired gaudy flouro-splatter paint job I can come up with. So, saying that, if anyone wants to upgrade to an aluminum disc-mount frame, medium size, with 73mm BB, semi-integrated headset, 27.2mm seatpost in black and has a same-sized chromoly steel frame with 1 1/8" headset, message me. I can also be pursuaded to part with a rear wheel, Alex SS44, rear brake, 160mm BB5, and possibly an Ameoba riser bar… Let it begin.

Transition sells a chromoly all-mountain rig called the TransAm. Norco was selling a Reynolds 853 frame in 2010. Not sure if you could pick one of those up, but it’s probably pretty light.

I’m thinking of getting rid of my '98 Raleigh Serengeti. Don’t like the geometry, and no disc brake on the rear is scarey in the winter. It’s been well-loved, so probably too worn out for what you’re looking for.