E.C.W.T Bike Show - Moncton

This Friday is our 3rd Annual E.C.W.T. Bicycle Show, here in Moncton…this year we’re addin’ a new element by havin’ a stationary elimination race tournament…2 bikes, bolted down, hooked to computers, which display each riders speed and time for everyone to see. There will be lotsa prizes to give away from a few different bike shops around the East Coast, as well as beer! The show runs from Noon till 8pm, during the Atlantic Nationals, and I’m assuming the racing tournament will begin later in the afternoon. Ideally we’d love to have at least 16 racers, or more, so we’d love to see some of you make the road trip and show up with your game faces on and a ton of trash talk to throw around! haha! Here’s a link for everyone to check out…there’s lotsa footage of these types of races on Youtube as well, if anyone wants to see more…https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastGoldSprints?fref=ts

For more information: http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/ecwt-3rd-annual-bicycle-show/