Eastern seaboard connections?

Hey guys, just getting back into biking and just hit some trails today in Mayport (Jacksonville) Florida at Kathryn Abby Hannah Park. Just wondering if any of you know of some decent trails up and down the eastern seaboard? Being in the RCN I get the unique opportunity to visit some places most people don’t get to so I figured I’d take the opportunity to ask and see if anyone has reccomdations?

I don’t have any trail recommendations, but I highly recommend the Trailforks app/ website for finding trails when away from home. Trailforks

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There’s an intermittent series on pinkbike.com called “east bound and down” that might be helpful. He covers areas in Virginia, Carolina’s, Maine, Florida,etc
Just search for the articles on the website search feature.

Found a bunch of trails in Florida on the Singletracks website:

As Nige says, Trailforks and MTB Project websites/apps list a bunch of trails.

Awesome, thanks guys. I’ll have to take a look next port I visit