ECMTB Epic Road Trip Contest - 2022

Brookvale! #ecmtb_roadtrip

Shoutout to Cynthia @ Bits Bikes Brews for the post ride suds, snacks and chats

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Bonshaw (with a warmup at Strathgartney) #ecmtb_roadtrip

Shoutout to Sam’s Family Restaurant in Cornwall for the pre-ride grub


Is that chicken of the woods?

Lobster :lobster: mushrooms

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ECMTB_roadtrip The Gorge

SHOUT OUT to trail Flow for solid

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ECMTB_roadtrip Irishman’s Rd

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ecmtb_ roadtrip… gorge

Shoutout to the roadside market for corrn and pumpkins, esso for gas and the trail peeps for good maintenance. Beautiful scenery as the trees change color.

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#ecmtb_roadtrip…. Irishman’s Cove. Beautiful trails. Could feel the moisture in the air!!
Shoutout to the robins in kennacook for the warm tea, and the sizzler cooler for the leftovers :laughing: and the trail peeps for the inclusiveness and accessibility of the park

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