ECMTB Group Ride

We’re heading to McIntosh Run this week.

Where: Meet at the rink on Drysdale Rd.

Difficulty: Intermediate/advanced

Notes: Lights are required

If you plan to attend, please indicate above that you are going and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.

It is every rider’s responsibility to know their own abilities, make smart decisions and ride safely. As a community ride we will ensure you are not left behind and as a group we know we are safer when we have others with us.

Please pay attention to the trail difficulty posted above.

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Made it home alright finger is still moving lol.



@Bilder good to hear hopefully you’ll get out with us again soon.

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Good to hear

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Blown tubes and broken fingers aside, I had fun.

(Would be a different story if it were my finger, I suppose. Speedy recovery @Bilder!)


Great ride last night! Thanks to the best support crew around that kept my bike in good repair and moving smoothly - @Rolls @Jetter @JeffV


It happens. Good to see you out on a group ride!

I’m really curious if there is something sharp in the rim or tire or if you were just pinch flatting.

The Knobby Nic’s have a lighter side wall than I’m used to but you didn’t have issues on the MRWA Women’s rides.

Could just be bad luck too.


I looked at the tubes, both were snake bites, different distances from the valve. I think it was a mix of riding on too low a pressure for that terrain and maybe a bit of bad luck. Will check air pressure before riding this evening. Learning as I go!


I ride Mac Run at 25-26psi with tubes. We’re very similar in size.

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Haven’t been impressed with my Knobby Nic, in a month of riding, I’ve had a few punctures, last ride with them this week the sealant was failing to seal the puncture, as it kept opening up again as I rode, even trying my best to baby it.

Put a tire patch on the inside of the tire and a tube in it for now, not sure if I will give it a try again tubeless or not… McIntosh seems to wear hard on tires anyways if you are riding there a lot, may just ride it till its worn down this fall/winter and set the replacement up tubeless… Likely a Maxxis. The Maxxis I put on the rear hasn’t punctured at all, in the same riding and mileage that has seen the front Schwalbe tire puncture several times.

You still run tubes? Thought you went tubeless?

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The Nobby nic is a light duty trail tire in my opinion. They make good tires but I would recommend the Hans damp or magic marry instead. I only run Michelin now so you could also go that route haha.

Tried it but change tires too often to want to deal with a mess every time.

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Wow. On my 26’er if I was running 25 psi, I’d be pinch flatting all day. But I’m heavy. 235 lbs + gear. 35 psi more like it for me. Usually 40 for safety. On my current 27+ (3.0 inch tires), 15 psi.

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