ECMTB MRWA Trailwork Short Notice

Derek and I have some free time and want to pitch in on the MRWA west pine today.

This is short notice but what are you going to do on a sunday?? Come help!

Ps: I can give out free Mountain Bike Halifax membership vouchers to anyone who shows up.

Where: Meet at the end of Primrose Ave.
When: 1pm

  • Yes, see you there!
  • No, wish I could.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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Bring some water, and work gloves. There will be some carrying of lumber and some digging / rock work.

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Also some ECMTB decals for anyone that wants to help out.


I’m stupid-sore from my Friday and Saturday workouts/play, but will try to get out to help if I can.


That would be great, @IanM_MTB.

ECMTB Weekly rides will benefit greatly once this corridor between Norawarren and McFight is complete.


So far all the votes for maybe and going are already MBH members, lol.

Come on, guys, I made vouchers! :laughing:


I can make it out for 2hours. Anyone mind if I bring the dog??

Not at all. Make sure you do a tick check afterwards. I picked 14 off my dog about a month ago at sane entrance.

Thanks for all the help, folkes!

@Drgonzo (Jason Orlick)
@Goose (James Gosslin)
@Rolls and son Alex

@kaarin, consider this as your list for records. :slight_smile:


Was fun to be involved, sorry I ghosted at the end there, realized I was late to make it home!

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We were right behind you, @Drgonzo.

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