ECMTB Season End Cottage Party! Sept 7th - CANCELLED due to storm

The bike season never really ends, but we can still have a cottage party!

We supply the bonfire, the dogs/burgers, fireworks and the location. You come and have a good time with bikes!

Other food will be pot luck so bring your best salad or desert and share the love!

We will have a ride pre-party. I will throw out a question to those planning on attending. We can ride Irishman’s road (singletrack) or around the lake (dirt roads, some road, and some trails). The benefit with around the lake is that we can start at the cottage. Here’s the poll:

  • Show me the singletrack! (Irishman’s road)
  • Doubletrack is what I want! (around the lake, 15-20km)

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Directions will follow.

For those who use googlemaps…57 spud ave in Ellershouse

I’m unfortunately going to miss the party this year as I’ll be away for work. Always a really fun event, do not miss it if you’re around!

  • Heck yes! I love bikes and bonfires!
  • I’d love to but I have a wedding, family reunion, work trip etc.
  • Let me check my schedule (and move things around to make it happen!)

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What happens if by change an excavator just happens to show up? Thats ok right Mike :wink:



Yeah let’s build a bigger fire pit !!
Bring it !!


Your hose works, right @riderx?


it does…and the lake isn’t too far away to jump into if necessary.

If you build it, they will come…

And jump what was built

Might make an appearance as this is the first time I’ve had a pedal friendly bike and not a downhill sled!


More than welcome!

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Keeping an eye on the weather for the weekend. Hopefully the rain on Friday will blow to sea.

I’m pretty sure by Saturday we could invent a new extreme sport involving bikes, kites and 130 km/hr winds


So with the projected forecast, are plans still firm or is their a possibility of cancellation or postponement?

I will make a decision by end of business today.


Sadly, the forecast is still doom and gloom…

I am going to have to cancel the cottage party. Due to a very busy month or so going forward I do not have a postponed date that works at this time.

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I have a go pro now, any takers? :wink:

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