ECMTB/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - 6 Jan 2015

Lets do Shubie Park tonight.

Where: Meeting at the parking lot near the Theatre in Dartmouth Crossing
When: 7:00pm

Charge your lights, dress warmly and hopefully you have ice tires.
See you there!


no ice tires. we’ll see how it goes.

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Yeah, cmon out, @xaero!

The rain and warm temps likely cleared most of the ice and snow from the main trails. Should be fine without studs.

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I just stopped by Shubie to check the trails and everything I could see was bare crusher dust

7pm is a late start for me so I’ll likely be there on my own a little earlier

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Thanks @muddy. If you’re near the dartmouth crossing entrance around 7 swing by and say hello.

define earlier.

Good ride, cold as fck, but fun! Thanks for taking point @darkmyth! Good pace.

And a decent turnout considering the temperature. Good stuff.

I hit the trail as close to 6pm as possible