ECMTB Weekly Mountain Bike ride - August 18th

Geesh, it’s hot. Not compaining one bit, but please remember to bring lots of fluids this week! (water is better during the ride…so I’m told)

Let’s do Nine Mile River. A great flowy trail with plenty of tree cover.

I’m going to say 7:00pm start time.

If anyone needs directions or needs to organize a drive, please let us know, we’ll do our best.

When: Tuesday August 18th 7pm
Where: Nine Mile river Trails


@snider, you mentioned you wanted a ride to take yer wife on, this one is a good intro and loads of fun.

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Echoing what Jeff said, Nine Mile is a great beginner friendly trail that is still an absolute woot for a seasoned rider.

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I’m going to do my best to make it out again this week.

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Good ride. So much fun.

We had 12 riders:

@Rolls, @Andre, @bikergrl, @Rockhopper, @Mutant_Merino, @JeffV, @Jetter, @Matt_Thomson, @mattmallay, @dirthound, Brodie and his dad (online handles coming soon :smile:) .

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Awesome! I managed to get out…albeit at 10pm, but still not as fun as you guys had.

Night ride, huh?