ECMTB weekly MTB ride - Sept 1st

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since we rode the Cob Trails so let’s do it.

Where are the cob Trails? They are located at the end of Grant Road in Enfield.

Take 102 to Enfield
turn left at end of the off ramp
take first left after on ramp…Grant Road
Drive til the end. and enjoy!

Where: Cob Trail
When: Tuesday September 1 7:00pm

Bring lights!!!

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I won’t make it this week. Enjoy the ride.

I’ll be there.

Anyone planning to be there that knows the trails well? @Jetter, @TheBuilder, @riderx?

I’ll be there

Yes Sir, I will be there!

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Awesome ride! I got there a little earlier and took the time to ride a bit longer, and it was well worth it.

Kudos to Ken (thebuilder) for all your hard work and a great trail system. I would so be riding them more if I was a bit closer. For the folks in Halifax, get out there and ride them!

ps…the signage is great!

Fun ride. Nice to see the signage that was added.

Turn out was 7: @riderx, @jeffv, @jetter, @OCDKV, @rockhopper, @Matt_Thomson, and @mattmallay.

The signage is complete… will post some pics in the builders section when I get out a take some. Glad you guys had a good ride…

@TheBuilder Ken, took a friend of mine to the Cob last night for a ride. He hadn’t been before so I gave him a bit of a tour. Trails are in great shape- love the signage… Nice work man!

Thanx Aimish… hope you get out more often.

@TheBuilder Ken, will do for sure… would love to meet up with you for a ride sometime if possible.