ECMTB Weekly Ride - 19 July 2016

Let’s ride Whopper this week. It fits with our schedule and it is always a blast rain or shine.

Where: Whopper Dropper Trail Head, Burger King Entrance.
When: 7pm

See you there!

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I’ll be heading in there around 8. Will likely join the ride if I run into you.


Anyone heading over from Dartmouth that I could hitch a ride with?

I will have stickers with me…awesome ECMTB stickers!


Stickers? In!

Have to bail on this one. Bent my hanger rhis afternoon. Will be around next week.

Thanks for the ride tonight. Excellent conditions! Sorry I rolled out so quickly at the end - kids to tuck in.


I went to the wrong entrance haha. Not a bad thing though as by the time I biked there my legs where sayiny “Nope, not tonight…” Haha