ECMTB Weekly Ride - 21 Jun 2016 - Update: SPIDER_ LAKE

They are calling for a 40% chance of shower or drizzle. So in case it does rain we are going to ride whopper from the Burger King entrance.

Where: Spider Lake
When: 7:00

See you there!

All are welcome, but everyone is responsible for their own safety and judgement.

May not be one there tomorrow if they dont get the fire under control :stuck_out_tongue:

Farside, Death march and lake loop all affected maybe?
Greg Sullivan photos.

Should we have it elsewhere?

@riderx lets make the call tomorrow. If its safe to go in would be neat to check out the damage.

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I hear that it is mostly under control.

I just heard that there was a fire at Point Pleasant Park as well. Around 3 hours ago.

Switched to Spider Lake to allow for the fire crews to take care of business at Whopper.

Same time.

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Just a heads up, I’ve heard there’s quite a few ticks around Spider Lake so be sure to check yourself after the ride.

Fire at Whopper, Ticks at Spider and possible thunder showers over all. See you tonight!


7 is a little late for me. I’m heading out at 6:15. Probably see you there

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8 riders, lots of fun.

11.6 km Ride on Strava:

Is it possible to get the gpx file without a premium account


Yes, but it needs to be your activity.

Summer_Solstice_Tuesday_Ride.gpx (299.8 KB)

Any tick sightings?

Not for me or my buddy. We have been there every night this week

No ticks on me last Tuesday.

None on me. @CitizenKane must have been riding thru the tall grass in the field to find them the other day.