ECMTB Weekly Ride - 26 Apr 2016 - CANCELED

This week we are going to ride some Whopper starting from Lakeside. If the rain stays off we might ride flipside or Lakeloop.

As a bonus we can show you all some of the new stuff we’ve been working on (as rough as it is).

Where: Lake Side Industrial Park (beside Coke Plant)
When: 7pm

Hope to see you there.

Note, we came to the revelation last week that lights are still required.

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What rain are you speaking of? I will be there.

40% chance of showers later in day. Prolly won’t happen.

Good to hear it.

I’m planing on showing up to this ride. See u there.

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I’ll be there. I was on some of that new stuff yesterday. It could use some rubbery love. And detailed line pickings to assist the trail builders.


Too sick to ride…never said that before.

Have fun, take picks and enjoy the post ride brew!

My bike is allergic to fresh Spring powder, so have fun.

Due to the the crappy weather, we are postponing this one until Thursday, sorry.

Powder? Snow in Hali?

Yup wet stuff. Wally’s impressed:

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