ECMTB Weekly Ride - 26 May 2015

Let’s ride Spider lake this week.

Time: 7pm
Place: Spider Lake Trailhead

See you there!
Oh, and the black fly’s are coming out too so bring bug spray if you have it.

not only black flies but there are ticks a plenty in the spider as well.

I went unscathed by ticks, but we ran into a lady who found 2 on her self and one on her dog. Check yo selves before you wreck yourselves folks! (and after)

@Dominator, how is the scrape on your arm doing?

@JeffV arm is good, got some “fishing line” in it, of-course by professionals :slight_smile:

How many stiches? Pictures?

You asked for it, bon appetit

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Impressive and they say all the cool kids are getting tatoos!

Wow, that’s going to leave an awesome scar!