ECMTB Weekly Ride - Dec 22nd

Twas the Tuesday before Christmas and all through the land, we all went a-biking.

As this is the last ride before Christmas and potentially the last weekly ride before 2016, we are going to do something different this week. Let’s do a shortish ride through Shubie Park and then sit down to a meal/beverages at a local eatery.

We can meet at the theatres in Dartmouth Crossing and head into the park there, then we are super close to places to eat.

PS: Feel free to decorate your bikes (I am) as we unfortunately missed the parade of lights this year.

When: Tuesday, Dec 22nd 7pm

Where: Shubie Park, ,meet at the parking lot by the Dartmouth Crossing Theatres


The forecast is looking pretty crummy for tomorrow.

Skip the ride and go straight to the food?

We can watch and shoot… or do you need time to prepare your tinsel?

if we call it, we have to wear our helmets inside.

I’m not sure the tinsel would make the drive there @JeffV so it may take some time to get the bike ready.

So nothing out of the ordinary for you then @riderx ?

Safety first! Ironically, I found a crack in one of my helmets yesterday afternoon. Ordered a new one today. Gonna be SSSWWEEETTT!

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so if the ride is going to be a no go due to rain but we are still going out for a bite to eat why not go to the old port!

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Good idea @darkmyth

+1 for the Old Port, for me.

Old Port gets my vote too.

Yup sounds good

I still say ride as if now. And I agree with old port pub

I better get to work on my lights then

Aaaaand there’s the rain, with 100% chance of rain in the forecast for tonight.

Let’s just hit the pub.

Cancel It? Meet at Old Port Pub instead?

See yeah at the pub boys

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Janet and I aren’t up for a rainy ride, but we could meet at Old Port for supper at 7:00. …and she’s a little offended by the “see you boys” comment. :slight_smile:

I will go to the pub for sure.

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Great times last night! So good to see everyone. As always, the Old Port Pub offered excellent service and scrumptious food.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!