Ecmtb weekly ride....May 31st

We are going to get a sneak peak into the Irishman road trail system that is getting primed by trailflow. I will post up directions soon.

I am heading in from the valley and would be happy to sort out some carpooling to those interested.

When: Tuesday May 31st 7pm
Where: Irishmans Rd, Windsor



From Hali

  • Drive towards Valley on 101
  • Take Exit 4
  • Turn Left on NS 1 for 3.9 km
  • Turn Right on Wentworth road for 650m
  • turn Left onto Irishman’s road

From Valley

  • Take 101 toward Hali
  • Take Exit 5
  • Turn Left on trunk 14
  • Turn Right onto Irishman’s road

Even if the main (orange) gate is open everyone should park before it to avoid getting locked in.


I’ve got room for 2 more in my car if anyone needs a ride from Halifax

Is anybody coming from Dartmouth with room for one more? I live right by Mic Mac Mall of it makes a difference

Alternatively, @Rolls where in Halifax would you be coming from?

I am going to try to ready the cottage for post ride beer and possibly bon fire…if anyone wants. It is about 10-15 minutes from the trails towards hrm

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@someguywithbikes I’m in Beechville which is right next to Bayers Lake. I could pick up in Bedford or Sackville on the way by.

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I’m intrigued… what’s the normal routine for such an event?


show up at the scheduled time and location, ride with whoever else did the same!

@LetMeRide29er the group rides are free and open to everyone of all ages and skill levels. Like @bent6543 said, just show up and ride:)

Now that the kids hockey is done I hope to make a few of these group rides, unfortunately, work is getting in the way of this one.
Can someone post a review of the trails, be nice to ride something new. Thx

@Nige The trails are fun, it’s quite a mix of single track and doubletrack, it is on rolling terrain so there’s not really any long, sustained climbing or descending so it’s lots of up and down mixed throughout.

I have been riding there for a few years and things have changed quite a bit in the last year. The main doubletrack trails have been re-graded with some gravel added and most of the drainage issues fixed. @TrailFlow has been hard at work adding in new singletrack trails which are very manicured compared to what was previously existing there. That can be good and bad depending on your preference, there are no more logs to have to hop over for instance but the trails are narrow, fast, twisty and flow-y. The faster you go the more challenging they are. The biggest bonus to the new trails in my opinion is that they add a significant amount of downhill time to the trails or if you go up them, make the climbs way more interesting.


Thanks for the info. Will try to get there and check it out next week.

@nige no problem, it’s great to see more people riding at my home trail. I’ve said this before but if you’re riding alone there are no trail markers or signs as this is not yet an “official” trail system. Some trails lead to private property. You can’t really get lost if you stay on a trail, they all lead to a road or backyard eventually.

That would be great. Could I meet you at the Sackville Bud Terminal?

@Someguywithbikes yes that’s perfect. I’ll be there at 6:30.

That sounds good to me. I’ll see you then.

Hoping to be back out with you guys soon. Possibly next Tuesday. Been out of commission due to a work related injury to my wrist.
Feeling better though. Won’t be long now.
Have a great ride


Will Irishmans be dry enough to ride tonight?

I don’t think it will be a problem, we didn’t get as much rain as the city and the karst drains fast, it should be nice and tacky. We can avoid a couple of spots that still have drainage issues, they aren’t the really fun parts anyway.

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