ECMTB Weekly Ride - Tues June 27th

ECMTB is hitting the road again…this time we’re heading to the awesome Empire Trails (aka Gore) for some flowy fun.

Where: Empire Trails
When: Tuesday, June 27th @ 7pm
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

Notes: Please bring $5 cash to cover the entry fee. These fees help support the building and maintenance of these great trails.

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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If you plan to attend, please indicate that you are going above and ensure your profile has the Member Name and Emergency Contact fields filled in.

It is every rider’s responsibility to know their own abilities, make smart decisions and ride safely. As a community ride we will ensure you are not left behind and as a group we know we are safer when we have others with us.

Please pay attention to the trail difficulty posted above.

I’ve heard some great things about the trails this year.


@LMac I’ll bring your jersey.

@lmac are you gonna show, you know this is an evening ride? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be there.

No full sus bike yet, would a no suspension fat bike do it?

@shadowfox70 if it has two wheels and pedals…yes, still fun.


A fat bike will do great up there Shadow. Get your arse out there. What is this maybe crap.
And to everyone else, it is going to be Mint tonight. Bring a chair to sit around and have a beer afterward.
See ya tonight


Can you tell toms on vacation this week .

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Wish I could make it. Lot of things on the go right now…

That’s usually the time that I insist on getting away for a ride. :wink: Good luck!

Anyone know the exact coordinates in google maps? #touristproblems

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45.118089, -63.734801


@shadowfox70 click the link young grasshopper…errr…tourist


I have to miss this one, lots of pictures please!

Looks like it will a grand.

Awesome trails, met tons of people and of course the beers. But I’m wondering why is it not on Trailforks? Including grey mountain, is it the new secret prohibited trails?! :smirk:


Holy shit those trails were buff! That was simply awesome. Tried to take a head count a few times but there was just too many.

Thanks @MichaelB and @tommyboy for hosting our ride. Let’s do that again sometime.


Seconded, amazing time with some great folks! Will post up some footage when I get time to go through it.


Good times. Good folks. Good beers. I am a good kind of sore today. It’s all good…


So much fun!