ECMTB Weekly Ride - Tuesday July 12/16

The past week hasn’t been the greatest weather-wise, so let’s give the singletrack a few days to dry out.

Where: Shubie Park - Dartmouth Crossing trailhead
When: 7:00pm

Ill be there with bells on. Well. One bell. Which is located on my handle bars.

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Where is the Dartmouth crossing trail head. Very been over there.

Its by the Empire Theaters. The parking lot closest to the pedestrian bridge.

I will be riding over from Mic Mac Mall at 630. Going to hit up those single tracks on the way. If anyone wants to meet up there just let me know, otherwise I am going to head straight there :smiley:

@Shane_Coulstring the small parking lot at the very end of Shubie Dr.

Will try to be there, working until 530.

I think I can join you from the Mic Mac side, depending on whether or not I can get my new fork all situated


Hope you were able to get your fork working. Ill be leaving my house at 630, so if you want to ride down together let me know. I live on the winners side of mic mac blvd. If anyone else wants to meet I can also stop down off of lakemyst or something like that.

I’ve got everything set up now except the front brake, which should only take a minute or two. Long story short, baring anything unexpected I can meet you by Winners at 6:30

I wish you luck with that :stuck_out_tongue: Ill be down by that bus shelter