ECMTB weekly ride - Wednesday Oct 14th

I think it’s safe to say that the ride will be postponed until tomorrow evening.

So, here are the details.

When: Wednesday, October 14th 7PM

Where: Whopper - Burger King entrance

Remember to charge your lights and dress appropriately. ROCK and ROLL!!!

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I should be there. I’ve got a new light that I’m keen to test out. It’s only 500 lumins but I’m hoping it’ll do the trick. See you at 7.


@ryansutc 500 lumens is plenty, you won’t have any issues. See you tonight.

New brake rotor too, I suppose?

Haha yea. Let’s hope I don’t brake anything this time out.

A bit wet, but fun ride nonetheless. Thanks @Rolls for showing us around and taking us on a tour of the new singletrack at the new entrance. Night riding was a blast. Now, just gotta dry out the ol’ bike shoes.


You guys must have been out late. CyclingGirl and I came late, about 7:30, and left about 9:10. Didn’t see any other headlights on the trail.