I’m back at my parents in New Brunswick for a few days of vacation over the weekend. Anybody here ever ride Edmunston trails system? Anyone headed there over the weekend?

Obligatory GO TO CAMBELLTON caps lock yell

Personally havent been to the sugarloaf yet but honestly if youre that close and can make it happen, definitely do! Its on my list this season for sure

It’s about a 40 minute drive. Looks good. Rated above Minto apparently but no info much online.


They have rentals too if you dont wanna risk your bike :wink:

But that chromag would eat anything thrown at it

Think Ill take it to Edmunston for a rip. Sugarloaf will be a full weekend trip when I go. Also, in the Tobique Region there is all kinds of elevation and techy ATV trails to send it down. Wish there was more singletrack.

Just threw on a set of Chromag Synth pedals to boot.

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Sugarloaf ? When ? Time?

Ahh I’m headed to Edmunston I think. A little closer to home. But when I go to sugarloaf I’ll make a post haha

Edmundston - Madawaska trail maps

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Looks promising. Should be well worth the drive up for an early morning ride. Might be able to rope a friend who rides BMX, or used to into going.

I have ridden the trails in Edmunston and they are amazing…

Definitely one of the best trail networks in the Maritimes, and I have also ridden Bonshaw/ Brookvale in PEI and Minto. Edmunston is as good or better than these…

Fun, fast flowy singletrack with lots to explore. The trails are very well marked and easy to follow. Stop by the Source for Sports in Edmunston as they are the local bike shop and their employees are super helpful and know the trails…

If you have time and your passport, the trails at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle, ME are unbelievable as well, and super fun…

I stayed with a friend in Plaster Rock and Edmunston was roughly and hour away and they trails in Presque Isle were about the same. Both trips were well worth it, believe me…

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I’m from Plaster Rock. That’s where I will be staying haha .


My buddy actually lives in and grew up in Anfield, but most people don’t know where it is so I always say Plaster Rock…

I’m from Crombie the main road that parallels Anfeild. Now I’m trying to figure out who it is haha.