Electric Mountain Bikes


Are these at all common? If I’ve ever seen one, I didn’t realize. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the idea in general, but it’s great for certain people: https://youtu.be/wToZJ_bfUYM

I see it as something that will gain popularity and already has with the aging population or with those who want to commute and not get sweaty before work.

On the trail, I’m cautious on their inclusion on certain trails. I’m not 100% sure if it’s me disliking change or if I have real reasons against them.

For the average person I see these bikes the same as when people dumb down a trail feature because they don’t have the skills to ride it. Instead of working harder to get the technical skills/be faster/etc. they take the easy way out and modify the trail or in this case the bike so they can ride ‘better’.

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For me I am totally against them but can see how they would be great for a certain segment of riders.

One of my riding buddies and best pal is getting a little up there in years and has started aging like we all will/do. He finds it more difficult all the time to be able to ride up a lot of the features we take for granted. This has become increasingly frustrating for him and I would suggest his serious riding days are just about over. Which is really heartbreaking for him (and me)

Now if he had an electric assist bike that engaged seamlessly when it sensed he was starting to struggle that nudges him up and over the feature, I don’t see how that could be anything but a good thing. We are not talking about a dirt bike disguised as a mountain bike but rather just a little “help” to keep the pedals turning.

Faced with the possibility of not riding anymore or getting on an electric assist bike I think I know what we would all choose. I want to ride into my eighties so this may be the only way I can do it.

Not for them today but definitely open minded to them in the future

And I agree with you Jetter. Take some pride in your skills and learn to challenge yourself. That is what keeps me coming back

I seen a video on this recently, but didnt really think much about whether I think it is a good idea or not. On the trail it seems … cheaty? I guess? Anyway here is the link Seths Bike Hacks

Oh, I thought I should add, challenging yourself is awesome. My challenge is keeping up with the "off the charts general good looks(:stuck_out_tongue:) " Muddy and Adventurer haha

LOL. Hey man, I just turn the cranks. The machine does the rest of the work

Not a fan. Kind of negates my only strength which is relative fitness and endurance. But would love to see people pedal one out of the woods once the battery has died.

Unless you are racing against them in an actual race, what difference does it make? Live and let live. They don’t concern me one bit. Heck, I’ve been able a to clean a techy section at Wrandees both times I’ve been through this year that I would lucky to be able to say I’ve ridden twice over twenty years up until now. Do we shit on 29ers? How about full suspension? Travel over 68mm? Tires without tubes (I realize these are not good comparisons, but whatev.)

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I’m concerned they will get established then turn into cheap electric dirt bikes ripping up the trails as technology advances.

With a motor on e-bikes then bikes and e-bikes are lumped together and banned from more places. (Wilderness protection areas etc.)

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Meh, I have yet to see a trail that hasn’t been negatively affected by mountain biking or hiking.

Right on, if people want to ride mo-peds around trails have at 'er I say. Just so long as no one takes any of my KOMs on them, lolz

Yeah, the KOM thing is a legit concern. Don’t know how to deal with that one.

Had the chance to demo one at the specialized demo day today. I was dead set against them, but after riding one, they really are pretty fun.

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I finally had the chance to try one out too at the end of the demo. Kinda nice…yes, I just said that. They are quite fun.

Smiles don’t lie.

Electric Fatbikes are the future of mtb.


Unfortunately Strava makes it hard to do the honest thing, because you have to change your activity type to an e-bike ride to avoid rating on cycling segments.