Ellershouse Bear Scare 30km ride Sat Jan 17

Saturday’s weather is looking pretty good to ride. If mapped out a 30km route (with some alternates in case of bad conditions) in Ellershouse on logging road and ATV trails that should be in prime condition after yesterday’s melt and snow.

These roads and trails usually have a fair amount of ATV/Snowmobile traffic on them so they should be well packed but not icy thanks to the new snow. I won’t be riding studded tires. @adam is going to try to scout the trailheads this week to confirm conditions.

Meet at the highway 101 exit 4 carpool parking lot at 10 am. I’m open to other start times if that’s too early for people. Who’s in?

Saturday is showing projected highs of -7…Sunday is showing +5
You sure you want to go Saturday?

Either way, I’m up for a run, but right now, I’m leaning toward Sunday afternoon.

Saturday for sure. Better to ride the snow when it’s frozen and fluffy. When it warms up it gets slushy like riding on soft sand and any ice gets wet and super slick.

Have to say that if I get out Sunday it looks like it would probably be a road ride. Fenders mandatory.

Here’s hoping for decent conditions on Saturday. -7 isn’t so bad so long as my feet move enough to keep circulation. Running without studs any icy ascents or descents would probably guarantee that (i.e. any time I have to walk the bike :smiley:)

I’ll be carrying a few of those heat packs, stick them under the shoe covers right on top of your toes and everything gets toasty!

I really don’t think there will be any serious ice, I walk up a decent hill many times a day to take care of my livestock, yesterday it was a solid sheet of ice and today it is nice and grippy. I think any ATV tracks or packed trail in there will be similar. Also like Smileys Park on the weekend, ice underneath but with a sugary snow coating on top that gave plenty of traction.

You might have company walking up the icy ascents and descents, Adam.
I think I’ve got the gear for -7.

I don’t have fenders, so any Sunday road rides for me will have to be solo or keep a wide berth!

This morning I took a look at the roads we would think of using to access the trails.

The road to Hartville Quarry has had a lot of traffic since the snow fall and I could drive my car up the quarry road past the power line about 200m or so but I didn’t make it past a short steep section close to the 2nd quarry cut. It looks like there might have been one set of ATV tracks on the power line.

The 101 service road off Williams Rd in Ellershouse had had no traffic on it since the snow fall so I didn’t attempt to drive on it. Viewing the 101 service road from the 101 I may have spied one set of tracks maybe from people entering it from the woods?

It’s hard to say if the trails themselves have had much ATV traffic since the snow fall but I would have thought to have seen some vehicle tracks on the 101 service road if that were the case. Come Saturday things will likely be different as people will be out on the week-end.

Sounds promising as far as conditions. We’re going to get a bit of melt and then a freeze with a dusting of snow maybe so that should firm things up more. Saturday is calling for -10 but I’m still in for doing this ride.

Good stuff. Me too. Now just to find those heat packs…

Dollarstore :thumbsup:

This still a go?

@OCDKV We were thinking to leave at 11 from the entrance to Hartville Quarry Rd. I was planning to confirm with @bent6543 shortly. If you want to pm me a cell# I can text you, or we can confirm on this page.


@OCDKV Looks like we’re good to go for 11 am @ entrance to Hartville Quarry Rd.

@OCDKV Bring that fat bike out to do what it was made to do!

Right on, fatty confirmed. @Adam PM sent, if anything changes let me know.

Killed it! https://app.strava.com/activities/242332141

Glad you know your limits @OCDKV, we’ll get you out for something a little less epic next time.

Nice to meet you guys, I clearly have to do a lot of work to keep up but I shall strive to make it a goal of mine to at least make it half way ;). I had fun as brief as it was and look forward to next time.

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If you go half way on this loop you’re going all the way to get back! @OCDKV We’ll get you out to Irishman’s Rd someday it’s a 3.5km loop.

We ran into a large amount of ATV traffic for about 5km on the back section which made easy riding, and had to break trail heading north-east back to the 101 service rd but it was mostly rideable thanks to the tree cover holding the snow off the trail. I looked like I climbed Everest by the time we got back, solid ice-beard!

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