End of summer musings

So, I already find myself thinking of studded tires and ski bikes, but with the effective end of our 3 week summer here in Nova Scotia, one can easily forget how awesome fall riding is here! The cooler temps mean less sweating, and hardly any bugs. The leaves change colour, the trails are less crowded. Generally speaking, the only real downside of it is the brevity of it all. And so as not to exclude the skinny tire crowd, it’s also great for some non-sun burning road riding. Anywho, some things to consider…

Merino wool. Do discover it. Worth every penny.

Lights. Don’t go through bike withdrawal just because summer is over.

Hunting season. Know where they can and cannot hunt, if it worries you. Wear hunter orange. I like bells. Sunday is no-hunting. (Sorry, tossedsallad. Maybe some day…)

Camera. Take it. Great colours, great light. Capture those memories. Post it here first, of course.

Fun. Vacation is over, school is back in session. Long story short, you need to have fun somehow again. Race season is winding down for MTB, pressure is off, unless you race CX, but then you are nuts anyways. Anywhos, forget numbers, data, zones, and try to breath the fresh air, feel the burn and take in our beautiful outdoors. Before the snow hits…

Already stoked!

Dude, that could so be a mini blog post!

I’m really like fall early winter riding too, I tend to do most of my riding then. Trails are the best when they are just frozen and there’s no snow, almost as good as in late summer when there hasn’t been any rain for a couple of weeks.

Second that, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. One of my favorite cool weather riding sweaters is 100% merino wool and I found it at Sears on sale for $20, surprisingly I often see it at Value Village in the sweater section. Like I mentioned in the winter clothing thread Stanfields makes 90% merino long underwear tops, bottoms and a couple of short sleeve options that are on blowout at their factory seconds store in Truro.