Events Calendar

check out our events calendar on the front page. I am constantly updating it with the latest events, races and trail builds. If you have anything you’d like to add, let me know, I’ll do it. I can be reached at

Mike, you can find a ton of events here as well if you want stuff to add to the calendar.

There is a local Duathlon on the 5th of May.

Also we will be starting our Hybrid Trail rides (weather permitting) on the 2nd of May and every Thursday after that. Working on a poster now for that.

Cape Breton Classic Stage Race has changed from 17/18 August to 27/28 July. I raced it last year; it’s well run and a lot of fun. It consists of a time trial and crit on Saturday, with a road race on Sunday. The 9.6k TT can be very fast (or slow) depending on the winds coming off the water. Barrachois Mountain tends to force a selection in the RR.

Lots of prizes for GC and each stage’s podium, plus cash primes in the crit and KOM/QOM prize in the RR. I won nothing, of course. There was one woman in Cat F last year, so she had a very impressive haul of cash and prizes. Perhaps that will encourage some of the female pedaltrouters to turn a pedal in anger on the road (to borrow a Phil Liggett chestnut).

Guests were invited to the post-race meal, which was a nice touch especially for away riders making a nice weekend out of it with family.

Thanks Adam, got it fixed up.