Evil Birch at 3

Riding Evil Birch at 3pm today with a buddy if anyone is interested.

Email me if you are interested. Entering by highway entrance.


Yeah, had a blast.

Luckily, we all brought lights. We needed them all the way out.

Haven’t ridden there in a while. I need more time, and to win the lottery.

How far did you go? Did you go through the narrow rock channel and down the backside at all? LOVE that trail.

I don’t know the trail well enough to tell.

Here’s my track, thou:

9.5k round trip.

If anyone knows about work to connect Green Mile to Evil Birch, let me know, I’d love to help!

Yeah there could be a great loop ride there if we could connect Evil Birch to Whopper. I am assuming that you would connect somewhere way out on the powerline and past the Lake Loop.

Yes, there is a trail that comes off the Lake loop trail that exits on the power lines called Green Mile.

I’ve attached a map with the two tracks with a possible connector route in green. The track labelled “B” is Green Mile, it is pretty green since it is new and is in and out only. The bottom “A” is lake loop west (aka Suzie Q). The top “A” is Evil Birch.