Evil Birch trailhead/parking?

It appears that the trail starts off the corner of a quarry, where is an acceptable place to park? Is the trail currently easy enough to navigate for someone unfamiliar with the area? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks!

@mooney when the quarry is not operating (nights and weekends) you can park on Kearney Lake Rd and ride up the quarry road to the trailhead. The trail is easy to follow, it’s just an in and out with a short loop on the end. Finding the trailhead is the only tricky part.

Here’s a map of a ride we did starting from Kearney Lake Rd. Hope this helps.

That’s perfect,thanks!

Note, you are looking for a thin line of path heading up a hill from the road beside the quarry pit.

It is easy to get off track by riding up the gravel roads in nearby on the lake side so avoid that.

@Mooney Three screen shots, from Google maps, of where the trail starts.


An alternative parking spot to kearney lake rd, is right off the 102, if your vehicle can handle a sloped and rutted gravel descent you will see a clearing, often you will see other vehicles down there hiking or biking the same trail.