Fall Jersey Order 2019

We are doing another run of our popular jerseys for those who may have missed out on the previous orders.

Men’s jersey cut;

Woman’s jersey cut;

To order one (or more) of these awesome jerseys please send an email to Mike (konarider@hotmail.com) with the following information;

Subject - Jerseys
Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve
Men’s or women’s cut
Size (please see size charts above)
Colour (Blazing Orange or Svelte Grey)

$50.00 - short sleeve
$60.00 - long sleeve

All orders are prepaid via Email Transfer or cash. All orders must be received by Oct 12th.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


The days are counting down. Get those orders in before it’s too late!

Are you able to ship these (to NB), or is it pickup only?

Hi Bill we can mail it to you.


Order sent to @riderx.

I have received a few orders and have replied via email. I will be ordering the jerseys on the 16th or 17th after the Thanksgiving weekend.

For those asking about shippping options, yes, we can offer shippping and usually the cost is passed along. We do try to avoid any additional cost if we can have a friend deliver for us.

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Order sent to @riderx!


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Just realised the date. Order sent @riderx

Secret proto type spotted?
Don’t forget to get your orders in folks for either of the classics original orange or battleship grey.

I was also later than I thought sending in my order. Sent it last night, and money has been accepted, so I’ll assume you got it!

I’ve received quite a few orders, and will be making the order tomorrow or the next day. Thank you for all your orders!

I will update the progress of the jerseys as possible.

Any update on these? Really looking forward to getting them!


I will check in on ETA Tomorrow.