Fall Jersey Order 2019

if you have any left in long sleeve, grey, small, i’ll take it

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I have the jerseys! If you don’t hear from me first, send me a message to arrange pickup if you can’t make it to a weekly ride.

We have extras!

Orange Male XL long
Orange Male M long

Orange Female L long

Orange Male L short

Grey Male M long - on hold

Grey Female 2XL long

Grey Male XL short
Grey Male L short
Grey Male M short - on hold


@smithers smallest extra we have is medium unfortunately.

What about those that need their jersey shipped to them ? I’ve been trying to message riderx since before xmas with no response.

Sent you a message.

I have been in the states with spotty email reception. Apologize bout that.

Will try to get into those files on my account later this evening.