Fall Trails Conference

Sounds like a good presentation. Where are you on the agenda? I’ll be attending and haven’t decided on what to take in, yet.

A great trails conference is coming up in the fall in the Annapolis Valley. It’s called “Trails for Tomorrow Today” and the brochure looks as if there will be some interesting topics and workshops. Here is a link to where you can find the brochure and some more info: http://www.novascotiatrails.com/

NSMTBTA should apply for some start up money and take some of it to send some folks to this conference.

See you there

Awesome, Spin! Are you doing the mtn bike ride on Friday?

yes, U2?

hey Spin
I had plans to do the ride on Friday but I was given a surgery date for this coming Tuesday. I should be healed up enough to do my presentation on Saturday but won’t be able to ride for awhile. And if by very slim chance I’m not able to make it to the conference at all (heaven forbid there’s complications), how’s about I send you (or Terriyaki) my presentation (it’s about trail use and building by mountain bikers) and one of you guys present it for me. Just a little contingency plan put in place, just in case.