Fatbike envy

Fatbikes were looking enticing yesterday. I used to use “how am I supposed to get it to the trails let alone from the bike shop” as an excuse. Now that I have a truck I’ll need a new reason not to get one, ha ha.


I’m using the “I need a whitewater kayak instead” excuse. Even though they are even harder to get than a medium bicycle, let alone a XL Fat Bike.

Since they first came out I thought they were a silly novelty. I broke down and got one this year, not because I was jonesing for one but because I wanted a winter beater for just to get out… so might as well go fatbike.

It’s the first bike in a long time I’m actually super excited to ride. They are lighter and faster and just over all funner then expected. Riding a fat bike in the snow is a whole new discipline unlike any other riding. I highly recommend.


Yep! I scoffed at them years ago, but ended up having a fat bike as my only bike for a while (with a 29 wheelset running 3" tires for the summer). It’s kinda ridiculous how fun they are. :slight_smile:

Additionally, I planned it being a winter bike. Its definitely going to get a some summer rides also

I picked mine up to still be able to commute to work in the winter. Didnt want to put my trail bike out in the mess with salt… the components on my rocky fatty are way cheaper to replace.

I’ve had it out for some trail rides also when the snow is down. I might break down and get a full setup of wheels with studded tires next year though

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I absolutely love mine and get quite a lot of use out of it every winter. It’s a great thing to add to the quiver if you can manage it. It just opens up so many extra days of riding, especially in the first few days after a snow event. I rode a normal trail bike with studs for eons but it only takes a few heavier snow days to convince you that it’s a great tool. Then, when it is good for all bikes, you can have just as much fun with a bunch more versatility.


This will be my 7th season riding fat. And I ride them all year round. I love the things, but they make you extremely lazy when looking for lines as they roll over everything. :slight_smile:


Was really surprised on my 2 rides this week how much fun it was… expected it to be slow and plodding and was so awesome… finishing a ride at 945pm one night and being back out there by 930am next morning kinda good :relieved:


I’ve been riding my FatBike now for 4 years - 2 in Ontario and 2 here in Nova Scotia. I’m not fast on mine, but have a blast riding it. It is especially great to ride with others. A shout out to all the regulars up at the Railyard!

We are so fortunate to have places that have groomers. A shout out to all the Snow Dog groomers and those that snowshoe trails to get them ready for the fun!


I am looking for some winter, fat bike, group ride, drone video.
if anyone has any I don’t need much just a few short shots about 15 sec. long
I can meet up with you and download it to an Ipad.
I love My Fat bike.


Hi, Jim.

I’ve got some gopro footage from Irishman’s from a few weeks ago. Will upload to youtube so you can see if it’s any good to you.

Not group ride or drone video. Just solo gopro chest mount shot.

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Hey thanks
I have all kinds of chest mount gopro