Fatbike owners/to be owners?

As more local shops are delving into the fatbike, how many of you out there lurking have one, have ridden one, or want one? What do you look for in a fatbike? Adventure, with racks, bottles, fenders, or maybe more of a stealthy singletrack weapon that happens to have outstanding float, grip, and comfort? If you have one, why do you like it, or not like it? Will 190mm rear spacing become the norm? Is 1x enough for backcountry work? Are you thinking of getting one? Is 3.8" big enough, or do you want 5" fatties? Inquiring minds want to know!

I spent the last year researching FBs. I went back and forth between 3.8s and 4.8s, steel frame and aluminium. I wanted a Moonlander, but by the time I was ok with the steel frame the price had increased over my budget and availability went to zero. There were no Surlys to test drive, but they were available special order. The 9Zero7s were custom builds that were not really to my liking, the Salsa (Muk 2 & 3) did not feel “right” when I rode them. The Norco Bigfoot was actually near the bottom of my list, however my LBS said that I could take one home and give it some real world testing. They said to bring it back dirty . . . so I did.

Of the bikes available this one came out on top . . . and its the cheapest price point at $1495.

I immediately upgraded the Vee Missions to 120tpi Nates and installed a set of lightweight Q-Tubes.

I also ordered some blue bling from chain reaction to make her look purdy . . . pedals and seatpost

Its much more fun to ride in the snow than on rocks.