Fatbike tires

Fatbikers…wondering what everyone is running as a Spring/Summer tire on the dirt once the studs come off ?

The odd time I run my fatbike in the Spring/Summer/Fall I run my Surly Bud and Lous as that’s all I have, and I’m not buying a third set of tires that would hardly get used. They’re very aggressive tires that are awesome in the snow, but for the summer they are total overkill.

Jumbo Jim’s seem to be popular or at least common. I think some people run them just because that’s what their bike came with, but they’re also one of the lightest fat bikes tires out there. However, with that comes thin sidewalls that really don’t like rubbing on rocks, so something to keep in mind.


I personally really like the jumbo Jims other then I tend to go though a lot of tubes with them. Mind you I have the light skin version and a lot of people online say getting the snake skin version fixed this problem. It is the fastest summer fat bike tire out there hands down so thats why I like them.


JJ seems to be the one based on what I’ve read. I was leaning toward the Husker Du but thinking JJ is the way to go now…these tires are so expensive :{

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I feel your pain haha. My only bike is a fat bike :stuck_out_tongue:

I run 29x3.00" Maxxis Minions DHF/DHR II on my fat bike in the summer. It meant a second wheelset but for me, it’s the ideal solution because like Chris, the fat bike is my only bike.

Knowing how many times Chris has cut, torn, or split open the Jumbo Jim, I’d recommend against it, but you do you. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Fatbike is my only bike as well. Are you guys running tubes or tubeless ?

Chris runs tubed, I run tubeless. It’s one of the reasons I picked up the second wheelset, I wanted to be able to switch tires easily without the potential mess of sealant. Plus, in NS it’s entirely possible to want to switch between studded and not studded several times during the shoulder seasons.

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Just to add. I am using the light skins and a lot of people swear by the snake skins.