Father's Day ride

Someone must be heading out for a father’s day ride? When and where?

If I’m not working, I would be interested in riding the Links (Woodville) maybe? Or Gorge/P2/what’s left of pumphouse?


I’d be around for riding either of those on Sunday.

Gorge/P2/Pumphouse/Bird Sanctuary and Coldbrook powerlines is an awsome loop with a good variety.

I’m not working. Who else from Hali is interested in heading to the valley for a ride?

JoshM: What time is good for you?

I don’t have anything planned on Sunday so anytime between 9am and 9pm should work.

I’m going for a ride Sunday morning but staying in the metro area

Hitting up the Riverport RR assuming the rain ever stops (otherwise I would literally melt). I have been tapering for the last 2 weeks so I expect an awesome result.

You guys should come out and stuff those of shaven leg into the hurt locker.

Sunday morning is starting to look better for me as opposed to the afternoon.

How does about 10am at the Gorge parking lot.

Anyone else from Hali interested?

You still available Josh?

I’m still good for a ride tomorrow at 10. Is anyone else from here coming tomorrow?
I was out today and the trails are still pretty muddy in sections, so we will try to stick to some of the drier trails in the Gorge, but everything else should dry up nicely from todays sun and breeze.

Great ride today. The conditions were a bit wet in spots, but not too shabby. Post ride went to the links to help Ryan and Michelle prep the race course for the Trailflow Enduro.

It Was great to see Chad from Cycles Lambert on the the trail as well. I look forward to riding the trails with you!