Feel free to add some of your own epic industry fails

Topic of fails got me to this link. Not being negative, just having a laugh.


The soft ride should be top of the list.


I really liked my rapid rise XTR derailleur.

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Add Girvin vector forks to that list, along with the pro-flex elastomer suspension.

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Spech is back with suspension since they acquired Trust and new design shows the Enduros are likely to come equipped with them.

Has to be biopace….

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Agreed but some company is making a new version now and people are buying them on purpose. Wtf.

It’s biopace x 90 degrees i think. Some people love the oval rings but still on the old school rounds ones just not 50t ones :sweat_smile:


Looks so bizarre. Have yet to install mine as a test.

I only notice it when spinning a low gear at high cadence. It feels good on low cadence climbs.