Fight Trail - Saturday April 25 - 11 am

Hey everyone, I am planning on riding Fight Trail at 11am on Saturday. Is anyone interested in joining me?

Are you sure it is going to be dry enough and you aren’t doing any long term damage? It is INCREDIBLY wet. Tons of snow melted and heavy rain most of this week

Fight trail is 99% granite isn’t it?

From my experience the majority of Fight is granite. I’m not sure I would do the full loop especially with the likelihood of the lake being quite full and making it very wet trying to cross it. I just need to get on my bike and head somewhere. Where Whopper has a lot more tree cover I think Fight is a better option.

I was just throwing it out there. I think Bloodline would be best unridden but the main granite including Lou’s Basement sounds like it might be good

For those who went out yesterday, how did it look?

i only went as far as the Halifax rock but the granite part is great, the usual puddles are a bit bigger than normal and the steep hill going into the woods had a small amount of snow. It all seems rideable.

Rode both Saturday and Sunday, as did many others. The Granite is all clear with no sign of snow. Bloodline is a little softer but totally rideable with little to no damage to the trail. I am really surprised how dry it is and have seen it just as wet in the middle of August.

Thinking of heading there tomorrow afternoon. Can I access it through the subdivision during the weekday or are they working then?

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble accessing the trailhead by parking in the subdivision