Fire Road Brigade

Count me in! I have some really nice spots to share up here in the 'Bank as well as a few more areas.

I think we need a winter fire road club. It’s starting to feel like I’m not riding enough. Whatcha think?

I like fireroads… not as much as single track but atleast you can ride them regardless of weather for the most part

fire roads can tide me over till Snow shoe season is in full effect

That’s the point… I don’t really like fire road rides but I’d be more motivated if I had a bunch of keeners to do them with - followed by the usuable sociables, of course!

I’m in. I’m not making any New Years resolutions- I’m just gonna ride!

where are these hidden gem fire roads you speak of I know you’ve got ideas

Up around Grunter and Stillwater there are enough fire roads to ride for days on end.

^^ Awesome I’ll let work know not to expect me for days :slight_smile:

Oh! This sounds fun! Great idea Sue! Count me in! :slight_smile:

These may require studs at times, but usually they are rock hard from snow mobile traffic.
You get to see some pretty nice stuff along the way this time of year to.

i would be all over it this, we rode a lot on 4-wheeler & snowmobile trails in porters lake in past winters. these are a lot of fun once they freeze up.